In 2009, the two family companies Métraux Services and Derendinger merged to form the Swiss Automotive Group, creating a rapidly growing and dynamic corporate group that plays a leading role in the free market for unbranded vehicle wear parts. Our main aim is to offer our customers comprehensive and integrated services beyond the basic supply of spare parts. Our services range from a unique ordering and delivery service with multiple daily deliveries to training and consulting services. The owners, Sandro Piffaretti and Olivier Métraux, are personally committed to continuity and targeted development. Thanks to clear corporate governance, the Group has a sensible and focused strategy designed for long-term growth.

We rely on our employees' entrepreneurial approach by transferring a great deal of trust and responsibility to each of them by virtue of our decentralised structure. Clear separation into market sectors and business divisions or departments maximises use of the available synergies. At the same time, we are not afraid to pit our Swiss sales organisations against each other, thus stimulating peak performance and constantly enhancing our services for the benefit of our customers.


3,200 employees

Market presence

Over 170 branches in Belgium, Austria, Romania, Switzerland,  Slovakai, Slovenia and Hungary


Over 370,000 a day

Delivery vehicles



Over 370,000 items


Over 750 m CHF

Sandro Piffaretti

Delegate of the Board of Directors