Data protection

1 Privacy statement
The Swiss Automotive Group AG with its affiliated group companies are delighted by your visit to one of their websites and by your interest in the offered products and services. The Swiss Automotive Group attaches great importance on data protection, as well as on openness and transparency in relation to the processing of personal details.

In the next section, you are advised which of your personal details we store when you avail yourself of our offers and of how we use these details and to whom we may also communicate those details. You also learn of your rights in respect of the use of your data.
We record and process personal details in accordance with the provisions of federal data protection legislation (DSG) and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

«Personal data», «Personaldata» or «personal details» constitute data that make you identifiable directly or indirectly, e.g. name, e-mail address and items purchased (to the extent that we can assign these to your e-mail address / your customer account).

2 Scope and purpose of recording personal details

2.1 Visiting our website
Whenever you visit one of the websites of the Swiss Automotive Group AG without providing details about yourself, only the access details are saved, without personal references. Access details may include the IP address, the website from which you are calling up one of the websites of Swiss Automotive Group AG and the name of the file you call for, including date and duration.

If you use the contact forms, the personal details you provide are used and can be further used as described in clause 3 and following clauses.

2.2 Setting up a user account
As part of the registration process for the online shop, the registration for a newsletter and the participation in sweepstakes, competitions or events, we record personal details such as your surname, first name, e-mail address, postal address, payment details and possibly also other data such as a telephone number or date of birth as well as all details entered in a user profile on a voluntary basis by a registered user. Your details can also be supplemented by data obtained from third parties.

These details are used to provide you with secure personal access to your account in our online shop and to enable you to be offered functions, products and communication channels available to you in the context of the contractual relationship between your company and Swiss Automotive Group AG. In addition, we use personal details to further elaborate our offers, ser-vices and websites, and to assure our operational and IT infrastructure. We also use the data we record to organise and conduct sweepstakes, competitions, events, etc. in accordance with clause 3 ff.

2.3 Use of our online shop
In its online shop, Swiss Automotive Group AG provides you with functions that enable you to generate spare parts specifications by entering the licence plate of your vehicle or the VIN (chassis number) and you can also create offers for your own end customers. Swiss Automotive Group AG is committed to never engaging in the processing of data relating to your licence plate, VIN or chassis number and data relating to your end customers that extend beyond the scope and purpose of this service. Swiss Automotive Group AG accepts no liability for the completeness and actuality of the provided data. You undertake to exercise due care and attention when working with data provided by the system and confirm that you shall not perform any data processing that extends beyond the purpose of the service involved. While using the online shop, if you process personal details provided by yourself, you are responsible for compliance with legislative data protection provisions in relation to that. The same applies if you transmit data to Swiss Automotive Group AG or have it processed by Swiss Automotive Group AG.

Personal details are only recorded if you communicate these on a voluntary basis to Swiss Automotive Group AG as part of your registration process as a customer, to open a user account, to place an order or to enrol for marketing campaigns (e.g. subscription to a newsletter or other customer loyalty programs). Swiss Automotive Group AG uses these customer details to process orders and contracts (including invoicing) and for customer support, for market and opinion research or for its own promotional purposes.

2.4 E-mail traffic
You or Swiss Automotive Group AG also each engage in e-mail contact with one another for business reasons. In any such communication, the personal details you provide shall be employed, and these can continue to be used thereafter in accordance with clause 3 ff.

2.5 Techpool hotline
To the extent that you and the Techpool hotline at Swiss Automotive Group AG may be in contact with one another for business purposes, the personal details you provide during this communication can be used and continue to be used thereafter in accordance with clause 3 ff.

2.6 Miscellaneous questions (price enquiries, request for a call-back)
Whenever either you or Swiss Automotive Group AG contacts one another for business purposes, the personal details you provide can continue to be used thereafter in the relevant communication channel in accordance with clause 3 ff.

2.7 Dealing with job application details
To process your online application, we may analyse, edit and make use of your personal de-tails. Your online application details are communicated directly to the human resources department by e-mail, where they are of course treated confidentially. Appropriate technical and organisational measures ensure that your personal details are only ever dealt with confidentially in strict accordance with legislative provisions. Whenever you send in your online application, please bear in mind that the data being transmitted by e-mail is not in encrypted form. Consequently, it is possible that unauthorised parties may acquire knowledge of those details or could even falsify them.

In cases where you apply for a specific position and where that vacancy has already been filled, or if we view your application as equally suitable, or perhaps even better suited for a different position, we would be pleased to circulate your application within our company. We shall also adopt this procedure in relation to applications that are not submitted in response to an advertised job vacancy. Please inform us if you do not consent to this procedure. On completion of the application procedure, and no more than 12 months later, your personal details shall be deleted automatically, unless you specifically consent to us keeping your details on file for longer.

2.8 Customer Relationship Data
The field and sales staff occasionally collect personal customer data (e.g. interests, hobbies, birthdays, etc.) to establish the best possible relationship with the customers. These data is managed and stored in paper form and/or electronically. The personal details can continue to be used thereafter in the relevant communication channel in accordance with clause 3 ff.

3 Direct marketing and online advertising
We use the personal details of our customers to keep them notified of offers, surveys and invitations, which we communicate by newsletter, e-mail, text message, telephone and the postal system. We also provide our customers with relevant information, we recommend products, remind them of items in their shopping baskets and send out our personalised offers. These great services are based on previous purchases, website clicks and on the information provided by our customers.

When you create a user account, you also always subscribe automatically to our newsletter and your e-mail address can then be used for in-house promotional purposes until such time as you cancel your subscription to the newsletter. At the end of each e-mail we send out, you will find a link that you can use at any time to cancel your newsletter subscription. It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time (see clause 13).

4 Use of your personal details for marketing and analytical purposes
We use personal details for marketing and market research purposes to obtain information about our customers and users as well as for direct marketing and to improve our service. Our contact with you for marketing purposes is always subject to applicable legislative provisions.
You can at any time revoke your consent to our use of your personal details for marketing and market research purposes or for direct marketing (see clause 13).

5 Dissemination to third parties
Swiss Automotive Group AG can communicate your details to in-house employees and to appointed parties and affiliated companies as part of a contractually agreed procedure or also for marketing purposes. All companies or individuals affiliated to Swiss Automotive Group AG who have access to personal details are obliged to comply with the provisions of data protection legislation.

For optimal handling of business processes, it may be necessary for certain items of personal transmitted to these parties. In particular, this can take place in connection with the delivery of goods, invoicing, collection of payments and for marketing purposes. Swiss Automotive Group AG only disseminates data essential for order fulfilment and ensures that the third parties are committed to data protection in the same way as Swiss Automotive Group AG itself.

6 Dissemination of personal details to a foreign country
We can also disseminate your personal details to third companies (appointed service providers) or to subsidiaries in foreign countries provided that data there is processed in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement. In particular, you should assume that your details will be communicated to countries in which Swiss Automotive Group AG is represented by group companies, branch subsidiaries or by other offices.

In cases where we transmit data to a country without commensurate data protection legislation, we shall provide a commensurate level of contractual protection for personal details.

7 Duration of storage of your personal details
The storage periods are based on applicable legislative provisions and on the purpose for which data is being processed. At the end of the legislative or stipulated storage period, your personal details will be deleted. We shall not delete your personal details in the course of a legally stipulated storage period, nor if other legal grounds preclude the deletion of this data.

8 Entitlement to information, notification or deletion
At any time, you can request information about whether your personal details are being processed by us, and if so for which purpose. You can have these details corrected, blocked or deleted at any time by writing to us at the following address:

Once customers have logged into the customer area, they can view and amend their personal details.

9 Security measures to protect your data
Swiss Automotive Group AG uses appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal details against unauthorised access, tampering, loss and destruction. Your personal details are encrypted using SSL during the ordering process, with an encryption key strength of 256 bits for transmission over the Internet. Please note that Swiss Automotive Group AG is not responsible or liable for the safety of the personal details you communicate over the Internet for the attention of Swiss Automotive Group AG. Accordingly, you should always treat your access information in strict confidence and should end each browser session properly after use.

10 Cookies
To make website visits an enjoyable process and to enable defined functions, Swiss Automotive Group AG uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. Some cookies are deleted after the end of a browser session. Others remain on your computer and they enable your browser to be recognised again when you next visit the Swiss Automotive Group website. This can for example save you the need to key in information that you have already provided on a previous occasion.

You can set up your browser so that it always permits cookies and other forms of tracking technology or blocks this functionality altogether. It is also possible for your computer to inform you about the presence of individual cookies, enabling you to decide which cookies to retain and use.
Please note that, if you opt to block the use of cookies altogether, this can impair the functionality of the website and could prevent you from gaining access to the full range of services and offers available from Swiss Automotive Group AG.

In some cases, to the permitted extent, we build into our newsletters and other marketing e-mails visible and concealed graphic elements which, when called up by our servers, enable us to establish if and when you have opened an e-mail from us. This in turn enables us to measure and better understand how you use our offers, which we can then better tailor to meet your needs. You can block this use of data in your e-mail program using the appropriate setting.

11 Tracking and analysis tools
The website, the online shop and our newsletter programs use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses what are known as „cookies“, text files that are stored on your computer and that enable your usage of the website to be analysed. The technical information (including your IP address) about your usage of this website that is generated by the cookie is transmitted to a Google server in the USA where it is then stored. Google will use this information to evaluate your usage of the website to compile reports about website activities for the website operator and to deliver other services associated with the use of website and Internet. Where necessary, and where legally stipulated, Google may also transmit this information to third parties, to the extent that these third parties are processing data on behalf of Google. Under no circumstances will Google ever associate your IP address with other Google data.

12 Plug-ins and other links to third-party content
Various functions on our online communication channels may include marketing instruments and references to the offers of third-party companies.
Swiss Automotive Group AG has no influence over how these providers may work with your details. This statement does not therefore apply to websites that are under the control of third parties not affiliated with Swiss Automotive Group AG. Swiss Automotive Group AG is not responsible for the content of such websites, nor for compliance by these third parties with the provisions of data protection legislation. Disclaimers of liability and other contractual rules that you have agreed with Swiss Automotive Group AG take precedence over these data protection provisions.

13 Points of contact
You are entitled to viewing access on demand of all details that the Swiss Automotive Group AG or one of its group companies may hold about you. You are also entitled to have your personal details deleted, corrected or changed and to revoke any previous given consents in relation to the processing of those details. In any such eventuality, please contact:

Swiss Automotive Group AG


14 Current status of, and amendments to, these data protection provisions
We reserve the right to amend these data protection provisions at any time and without any prior announcement. The latest version published on this website is always the current one. In the event of disputes, the German text takes precedence.

As of 10 January 2019